Monday, September 12, 2011


GENERAL MUSIC: worked on finishing graphs for turn in
explained how to use keyboard song sheet by number
explained why using the number approach train the fingers muscles to move as fast as the brain
Explained weak hand versus strong and why...brain development left vs right had students write in cursive their names with weak and them underneath with strong hand and compare /explained that most instruments are played using both hands and that both hands must be of equal strength. Talked about fingers...developing the independence of the fingers not often used because all fingers must be strong and used independently when playing instruments.

Sally's Song
Discussed then read through "road map" directions of Sally's Song playing the bass harmony parts (written for each instrument's notation). Practiced with accompaniment while teacher helped students track Discussed change of meter from 4-4 to 2-4 then back again.

Haste to the Wedding: explained about "rehearsal numbers" Had everyone practice measures 18-21 for quiz on that passage this Wednesday. Went over each sections part havung guitar and keyboard play the violin part

Silent Night: Read through...many in violin section using the correct bowings! Demonstrated the harmony part and played it against some students playing the melody so the class could hear the harmony blend.


CONTINUED and COMPLETED handing out instruments and instrument loan forms

Discussed and demonstrated proper ways to open the violin case and where to put it (right side of the chair) when playing the violin in class

Made sure all cases were properly labeled with student names in more than one place in case the label should fall off. Asked students what if anything they were missing from their cases. Sime missing bows, many missing rosin, some also missing cloths and shoulder rests.

Reviewed how to put the shoulder rest on and try to find comfortable place to hold instrument at the jaw.

Practiced following the conductor: resting position and performance position/posture using non-verbal language (body language)