Thursday, October 7, 2010


 01.  What country was Stravinsky born in?
 02.  The French name for Stravinsky’s composition, “The Rite of Spring” is called what?
 03.  What is a style of composition that looked back to the 17th and 18th centuries?
 04.  What was Stravinsky’s last major work composed in 1966?
 05.  What is a finale?
 06.  What was the name of the famous ballet dancer who danced the title role in Stravinsky’s famous ballet called 
 07.  What country did Stravinsky move to in the late 1930’s?
 08.  What was the name of the famous ballet company Stravinsky was commissioned to write music for?
'09.  Stravinsky wrote a ballet based on Pergolesi’s music.  What was the ballet’s name? 
 10.  What subject did Stravinsky study before he studied music?
 11.  What did friends Stravinsky and the artist Picasso have in common?
 12.  Name 3 musical styles that Stravinsky wrote in.
13.  What ballet did Stravinsky write that used the style of Primitivism?
14.  How was the “Rite of Spring” received by the public?
15.  What is the name of the book Stravinsky wrote?
16.  In what year was Stravinsky’s first symphony performed?
17.  Why did Stravinsky feel it was important for artists of all genres to seek out and strive to learn and understand
       many different styles?
18.  What famous French composer did Stravinsky meet while visiting Paris?
19.  Where was Stravinsky buried in 1971?
20.  Which Stravinsky ballet premiered May 28, 1913 in Paris provoking a riot?
21.  Until World War I, Stravinsky composed music which was very much influenced by what style era?
22.  Smaller instrumental groups are found in what musical style?
23.  Two famous composers of 12-tone music influenced Stravinsky.  Who were they?
24.  Stravinsky influenced many composers in what century?
25.  What was Stravinsky’s father’s experience in music?
26.  Stravinsky’s “The Requiem Chronicles” shows a strong influence on what type of musical style?
27.  What country was Picasso born in?
28.  After WWI what new musical popular style had an influence over Stravinsky?
29.  What ballet, written by Stravinsky, is a succession of 5 dances?
30.  The year Stravinsky was born what famous story was published by Mark Twain?
31.  What is a style of composition which used a non-traditional harmonic structure combined with sharp and intense 
       rhythmic patterns?
32.  Works by Neoclassic composers had no association with a story or a poem so they were termed what?
33.  Nijinsky choreographed which famous ballet of Stravinsky’s?
34.  Stravinsky took music composition lessons from what well-known Russian composer?
35.  Stravinsky’s first wife and daughter died of what?
36.  What year did Rimsky-Korsakov die?
37.  Which Stravinsky ballet was performed in the United States with costumes and sets designed by the famous artist 
       Marc Chagall?
38.  In celebration of becoming an American citizen what arrangement of a famous composition did Stravinsky write?
39.  What music ballet composition did Stravinsky write that was influenced by Russian folk songs?
40.  What is “serialism”?
41.  Who is Sergi Diaghilev?
42.  Which continent did Stravinsky leave in the late 1930’s?
43.  Arnold Schoenberg was the most important composer of what musical style?
44.  What famous artist was Stravinsky’s good friend?
45.  What is considered to be Stravinsky’s most famous orchestral work and the most famous score of the 20th Century?
46.  Stravinsky seemed to become famous overnight after the Paris premiere of what ballet in 1910?
47.  What is a Berceuse?
48.  What year was Stravinsky born?
49.  At what age did Stravinsky start piano lessons?
50.  In honor of a young elephant for the Ringling Bros, Circus Stravinsky composed what composition?