Friday, January 16, 2015


"To study music we must learn the rules.
  To create music, we must break them."
AUTHOR: Nadia Boulanger
"You should not break music rules accidentally;
  only break them deliberately for artistic reasons."

28 April 2013 Sun, 18:00 - Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov "The Golden Cockerel" (Director - Kirill Serebrennikov) - opera in 3 acts (Opera) - World famous Bolshoi Ballet and Opera theatre (established 1776) - Small Stage

"Hymn to the Sun"
From Le Coq d'Or
(The Golden Cockerel)
Kent Nagano, Conductor
Orchestre de Paris
The Tale of the Golden Cockerel
By Pushkin
Told in a Russian Cartoon
With English Subtitles
The opera, based on the tale by Pushkin,
Alexander Puskin

who himself took the idea from the
Washington Irving poem, "The
Legend of the Arabian Astrologer,"
tells the story of the bumbling King
(Tsar) Dodon who enlists the help
of an Astrologer who gives him a
magical golden cockerel to protect
his country from attack (the cockerel
will crow each time the kingdom is
endangered) in exchange for anything
the Astrologer wants. The Astrologer,
undecided on what his wish will be,
puts off his decision until after he
meets this woman, the seductive
Queen of Shemakha, a woman who
Dodon has fallen in love with, and
requests her as his reward. Dodon,
engulfed with anger and envy, denies
this and then kills the Astrologer. The
Golden Cockerel then flies down from
his perch and pecks Dadon to death for
not keeping his end of the bargain.
Russian proverbs
"Put this bird," he told the Tsar, "onto the spoke.
My golden cockerel will be your faithful watchman." 
('The Tale of the Golden Cockerel' by Alexander Pushkin)

"Hymn to the Sun"
From Le Coq d'Or
(The Golden Cockerel)
Lily Pons, Soprano

Andre Kostelanetz
1946 Radio Broadcast

English Lyrics
Hymn to the Sun
Act II from Le Coq d'Or
Tell me, oh Sun that sees all,
When you came to us from the East,
Did you see my homeland there,
The fatherland, of which I dream?
Do the roses still shine there,
And the fire lily bushes?
The turquoise dragonflies,
Do they still caress the luscious leaves?
Dan Morris - Sun face
And in the evenings,
At the water's edge,
Is there still hidden
In the song of girls and women
That sweet yearning
For the passion of forbidden love?
Is the unannounced guess still welcome?
Is he still greeted with gifts,
A humble feast
And secret glances
Through jealous veils?
And when the blue night descends,
Does the girl of the house go to him,
Forgetting her shame and fear,
With a sweet confession on her lips?
That song how remarkable.
If the girl of the house
Should choose to take us in,
We could stay here for a while.
This is the back cover illustration for Alexander Pushkin's
"The Tale of the Golden Cockerel" by illustrator Ivan Bilibin

"Hymn to the Sun"
From Le Coq d'Or
(The Golden Cockerel)
Fritz Kreisler, Arranger and Violin
Picasso: Le Coq de la Liberation, 1944

Le Coq d'Or
(The Golden Cockerel)
Beverly Sills, Norman Treigle
Julius Rudel, Conductor
New York City Opera, 1967
Marc Chagall: Le Coq Rouge et le Peintre