Monday, February 4, 2013



Concert Etiquette Quizzes

1. You should enter the auditorium
a. As loudly as possible 
b. Quietly 
c. Walking backwards 
2. It is always a good idea to arrive
a. A little bit early
b. After the concert has begun
c. Just in time to watch your child’s performance
3. If you need to use the restroom,
it is best to exit the room
a. As soon as you can
b. During your child’s performance
c. Between musical selections
4. During the concert, it is a good idea to
a. Talk with your friends
b. Sit quietly and listen
c. Eat popcorn and drink a Diet Coke
5. When your child is performing, you should
a. Stand up and wave
b. Cheer and shout your child’s name
c. Stay in your seat and sit quietly
6. If your cellphone rings during
a performance, it is best to
a. Answer the phone quickly
b. Leave the room to use the phone
c. Turn the phone off, or better yet, leave it in the car
7. After your child has performed, it’s O.K. to
a. Leave the concert early
b. Fall asleep
c. Enjoy the rest of the performance
8. Applause should be given when
a. Each musical number has concluded
b. Your child has completed his or her part
c. Any time you feel like it
9. If your baby starts to get fussy, remember to 
a. Stay in your seat and hope he falls asleep 
b. Leave the room quickly and quietly
c. Give your baby his favorite squeaky toy or rattle
10. After the performance is over
a. You should rush up to the stage to find your child
b. Exclaim loudly how tired you are
c. Sit and wait until all children have cleared the stage