Tuesday, February 26, 2013


“An American or European can composer, for example, now has access to the music of various Asian, African, and 
  South  American cultures.”
AUTHOR: George Crumb
“Because of mass communication, composers know more about music from other 
  cultures for which they can incorporate into their own music.”


Gloria in D Major RV 589: Known also as the Vivaldi Gloria, this is a choral-symphonic work based on the liturgical text of the Gloria (which is part of the Ordinary of the Mass) written for vocal soloists, chorus, and orchestra in 1713. This piece was lost for two centuries after Vivaldi's death when it was found amongst a pile of Vivaldi's forgotten manuscripts in the late 1920's and it was not until the fall of 1939 that it had its first modern performance. In this piece Vivaldi broke the standard liturgical text of the Gloria into 11 sections with each section given its own distinct musical setting.  Originally the piece was written for women's voices only since Vivaldi wrote the music to be played by his students at the all female Pio Ospedale della Pieta (a famous female only orphanage school in Venice).   In this piece he masterfully  alternates soloists and chorus, supported by soli and tutti string orchestra parts added with oboe and trumpet and a basso continuo accompaniment probably played by the organ.