Friday, May 31, 2013


"Do something you have never done before."
~Gustav Holst~

"If a thing is worth doing at all, it is worth doing badly." 
(on amateur music-making)
~Gustav Holst~

"The enormity of the universe revealed by science cannot readily be grasped by the human brain, 
but the music of The Planets enables the mind to acquire some comprehension 
of the vastness of space where rational understanding fails."
~Gustav Holst~

"Music, being identical with heaven, isn't a thing of momentary thrills, or even hourly ones. 
It's a condition of eternity."
~Gustav Holst~

"One of the advantages of being over forty is that one begins to learn the difference 
between knowing and realizing."
~Gustav Holst~

"If nobody likes your work, you have to go on just for the sake of the work. 
And you're in no danger of letting the public make you repeat yourself. 
Every artist ought to pray that he may not be 'a success.'
If he's a failure he stands a good chance of concentrating 
upon the best work of which he's capable."
~Gustav Holst~

"Always ask for advice but never take it."
~Gustav Holst~

"Never compose anything unless the not composing of it 
becomes a positive nuisance to you."
~Gustav Holst~

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