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"There is no top.
There are always further heights to reach."
~Jascha Heifetz~
Jascha Heifetz:
God's Fiddler
Clip from
PBS Classic Arts Showcase Documentary
"Criticism does not disturb me,
for I am my own severest critic.
Always in my playing I strive to surpass myself,
and it is this constant struggle
that makes music fascinating to me"
~Jascha Heifetz~
"If I don't practice one day, I know it;
two days, the critics know it;
three days, the public knows it."
~Jascha Heifetz~

Heifetz and Piatigorsky
Introduction to the DVD
Produced by KULTUR
A Special Look
Into the Life and Music of
Jascha Heifetz:
Jascha Heifetz
Hora Staccato
Jascha Heifetz
Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35
I. Allegro moderato
Jascha Heifetz
Paganini Caprice No. 24

Jascha Heifetz
Tests Itzhak Perlman's Skills
Jascha Heifetz
Mozart 'Gavotte in G'
from 'Idomeneo' (1912)
They Shall Have Music (1939)
Jascha Heifetz and Jack Benny
"Violinist of the Centuries" Jascha Heifetz (1901-1987)
and radio/TV comedian Jack Benny (Benjamin Kubelsky)
(1894-1974) perform a hilarious skit during one of the
hundreds of USO appearances and performances both
men gave throughout World War II. Jack was, in reality,
an exceptionally good violinist (he began playing at the
age of 6 but preferred performing to practicing), but said
that if he had focused on playing good on radio and TV
that it wouldn't have been as funny.
Jascha Heifetz began to play at the age
of 3 and made his debut at 7. The
spectators at an outdoor concert in 1912 in St.
Petersburg were so wild that police had to escort
the young virtuoso when he was not playing.
Heifetz made his American debut in Carnegie
Hall in 1917 and became the newest
American music sensation overnight.

Jascha Heifetz
100th Birthday Celebration
Eric Friesen interviews Erick Friedman

CBC Radio
Original Portrait Painting JASCHA HEIFETZ Violinist Musician
Jascha Heifetz, Iconic Violinist
Jascha Heifetz
Art of Violin: Part 2
Created by Yuri Beliavsky
Jascha Heifetz.
Art of Violin: Part 3
Created by Yuri Beliavsky
Jascha Heifetz
Tests Itzhak Perlman's Skills
John Singer Sargent: Jascha Heifetz