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The Music of Early America Part 9 (French and Indian War)

The Music of Early America Part 9

Music During The French and Indian War

"Bold General Wolfe"
Edward Wolfe's son James Wolfe, who was to fin...
Major General James Wolfe

"Brave Wolfe"

Love, here’s a diamond ring, long time I’ve kept it.
’Tis for your sake alone, if you’ll accept it.
When you the token view, think on the giver.
Madam, remember me; I’m yours forever.

Then forth went this brave youth across the ocean.
To free Amerikay was his intention.
He landed in Quebec with all his party,
The city to attack, being brave and hearty.

Brave Wolfe drew up his men in a line so pretty,
On the Plains of Abraham before the city.
The French came marching down, resolved to meet them.
In double numbers round, resolved to beat them.

Montcalm and that brave youth together walkéd.
Between two armies they like brothers talkéd.
Then each one took his post, and did retire.
’Twas then these numerous hosts commenced their fire.

The drums did loudly play, and the balls were flying,
The purple gore did flow, and men lay dying,
Then shot from off his horse was our brave hero.
We’ll long lament his loss, that day in sorrow

Brave Wolfe raised up his head as the guns did rattle,
And to his aide he said, “How goes the battle?”
“Quebec is all our own; none can prevent it.”
Then answered that brave youth, “I die contented.”

"Death of Wolfe"
Death of General Wolfe by Benjamin West, 1770
("Brighton Camp")

"Lovewell's Fight"
("British Grenadiers")

"Why, Soldiers,Why?"
("Wolfe’s Song" or "How Stands the Glass Around")